Dr. Tim Foley

2011: Ed.D. in Sport Management

Dr. Tim Foley

Dr. Tim Foley, who earned his doctorate from the Academy in 2011 and who heads the school’s Student Services, was named to the inaugural class of the Yucca Valley High School Hall of Fame.

Foley, who graduated in 1998 from the California high school, was inducted with Richard Moyer and Larry Polowski, who both were members of the Class of 1975.

The 33-year-old Foley was a three-sport star at the high school, playing baseball, football and basketball. He played on the varsity baseball and basketball teams all four years. In baseball, he made All-League in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and signed a letter of intent with Long Beach State. Foley also played tight end for Yucca Valley when it won the CIF championship in 1996, catching a key pass for a two-point conversion in the state title game.

Foley went on to play college baseball at Riverside Community College and Kansas State University. He later served on the coaching staffs at both schools for a total of three years. Foley also has six years of collegiate teaching experience in business and physical education fields.

Foley recently took a break from Academy duties as the Assistant Dean of Student Services, to talk about his induction into his high school’s Hall of Fame, his advice to other high school athletes who have the opportunity to play in college and the importance of earning his doctorate from the Academy.

Alumni Network: What do you remember about playing sports at Yucca Valley?

Tim Foley: Sports were everything to me. Competing at anything was fun to me. I made All-League in baseball and was honorable mention in basketball one year. But I have two favorite memories and that was winning the CIF football championship in 1996 and signing letter of intent to play baseball at Long Beach State. I played tight end and caught a two-point conversion that helped make a difference in the game. It was great to go back to the high school for their awards ceremony. Things have changed so much, it was like I had never been there in the first place. It was really nice to see a lot of my old teachers and coaches. It was a great experience and a great honor.

Alumni Network: What advice would you give high school athletes today who may play colleges sports?

Tim Foley: I got a scholarship to Long Beach State to play baseball but I just wasn’t ready to play at that level yet. So I played for two years at Riverside Community College before transferring to Kansas State where we went to the Big 12 tournament for the first time my junior year. I played good but not great. You have to have a passion for it. And you need time management, organization and work ethic, which are all critical components. You have long days where you have got to stay focused on the moment whether you are doing conditioning, studying or enjoying your personal life. I had days where we would lift at 5:30 in the morning, attend class from 7:30 to noon, practice from 1 to 4 and then go to study hall from 5 to 7 at night. But I would absolutely do it again.

Alumni Network: What did you enjoy about earning your doctorate from the Academy?

Tim Foley: I started my doctorate in 2006 online at the Academy, after I had earned my MBA. My education here just opened me up to all kinds of new ideas that you learn through your research and classes, whether it had to do with strength and conditioning or the mental and psychology aspect of sports. Having gone through the program and worked as a coach, my favorite thing is talking to students, explaining the Academy’s program and encouraging them. The great thing about it being online is you can still work, have a family and get your degree. Believe me, I know how much time it takes to fit school into your life somewhere. Once you earn your degree, there are so many things you can do in the sports field.